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Our Story


Our Idea that spread

Espreado was initially a class project at Wake Forest University. Five senior entrepreneurship minors, Annie Calfo, Mackenzie Howe, Margaux Walker, Drew Niziak, and Benny Bagnell, saw a need in which many consumers prioritized their caffeine cravings over a necessary nutritious snacks and meals.

Seeing a problem, the team set out to deliver an espresso based solution that consumers love as an innovative new food product that includes additional nutrients. Similar to the consistency of other nut-butter spreads, Espreado is a spreadable condiment that provides the extra “pick-me-up” needed to help get you through your day both conveniently and deliciously!



Our team’s mission is to create innovative food products that provide you with the flavor, caffeine, and convenience of The traditional cup of Espresso. plus, We added additional simple and whole ingredients to keep you satisfied longer throughout the day!

"It's not always about solving a problem, but rather seeing what customers want and need before they can see it For themselves," says Annie Calfo, one of the initial founders of the Espreado team.

Our team


Annie Calfo

An Atlanta native, Annie has always had a passion for health, wellness, and of course, food! Annie’s main purpose as Chief Executive Officer is to oversee and streamline all Espreado processes, as well as to make sure that the company’s products deliver their promised value!


Mackenzie Howe

Mackenzie is from Charleston, SC and is passionate about the outdoors, healthy food and considers herself an avid environmentalist! As the Chief Marketing Officer, Mackenzie manages Espreado’s integrated marketing communications plan which includes social media, logo, product and website design, as well as brainstorming innovative ways to best reach Espreado’s loyal fans!


margaux Walker

Margaux is from Miami, Florida and always enjoy getting out on the water and cooking! As the Chief Innovation Officer, she gets to be hands on with the recipe creation and strategy implementation to make sure Espreado has the best ingredients and flavor!


Drew niziak

Raised in Massachusetts, Drew has always remained loyal to his MA roots and his beloved hometown sports teams! Serving as Chief Financial Officer, Drew manages the company’s financial goals by leading with innovative solutions and prioritizing fiscal efficacy.


Benny Bagnell

Benny Bagnell is from Philadelphia, PA, and is a true coffee enthusiast! Benny owns the same zeal for developing good, wholesome food as his co-founders, and as Chief Operations Officer he aims to maintain the efficiency of Espreado’s ongoing operations and procedures that will facilitate the company’s continued growth and expansion.